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Linkin Park - 03 - Jornada Del Muerto (Live - MTV World Stage 2011) HD, time: 1:59


Sep 08,  · The eerily haunting seventh track on Linkin Park’s fourth studio album A Thousand Suns serves as a prelude to “Waiting for the End”.. The track shares it’s name, “Jornada Del Muerto. Aug 05,  · Jornada Del Muerto — Linkin Park — A Thousand Suns Full discographies and full albums. Loading Unsubscribe from Full discographies and full albums? More full albums. On July 16, the first detonation of an atomic weapon occurred at the Trinity nuclear test site, approximately 40 miles NNE of the Jornada Del Muerto. Arts. Jornada del Muerto is the title of a song that appears on Linkin Park's album A Thousand Suns, which is a concept album . Jornada del Muerto Linkin Park Buy This Song. FAVORITE (36 fans) Linkin Park. Their following studio album Meteora, continued the band's success, topping the Billboard album chart in , and was followed by extensive touring and charity work around the world. In , MTV2 named Linkin Park the sixth-greatest band of the music video. General CommentAlso would like to add that the song title is a reference to Jornada Del Muerto, a desert in New Mexico where the first atomic bomb testing was held. The lyrics are in Japanese to comply with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Linkin Park Lyrics "Jornada Del Muerto" Mochiagete, tokihanashite Submit Corrections. Linkin Park Lyrics; album: "A Thousand Suns" () The Requiem The Radiance Burning In The Skies When They Come For Me Robot Boy Jornada Del Muerto Waiting For The End Blackout. Linkin Park - Jornada Del Muerto Lyrics. Romanji Lyrics: (mochiagete, tokihanashite)* (mochiagete, tokihanashite) (mochiagete, tokihanashite) (mochiagete, tokihanashite) English Ly. ^^Album Flair Here^^ r/MemenodaPark for all your shitposting needs RULES: This is first and foremost a community for Linkin Park fans, so our mutual interest must be respected. If you are wanting to sell, giveaway, or fund anything, you must get moderator approval first. The meaning of Jornada Del Muerto's lyrics.. (capitalaktiv.dePark)."Jornada Del Muerto" is a synth-heavy song, building into a massive climax with Song by Linkin Park from the album A Thousand Suns. Jornada Del Muerto Lyrics: Mochiagete, tokihanashite / Mochiagete, seventh track on Linkin Park's fourth studio album A Thousand Suns. Linkin Park · A Thousand Suns [Special Edition]; Jornada Del Muerto Lyrics " Jornada Del Muerto" as written by Chester Charles Bennington, Robert G. Jornada Del Muerto Romanji Lyrics: (mochiagete, tokihanashite)* Mojim Lyrics > Americas singers > Linkin Park > A Thousand Suns > Jornada Del Muerto. A Thousand Suns — Linkin Park. Album. Popular tracks. A Thousand SunsBonus Version. Artist: Linkin Park. alternative Jornada Del Muerto. ✓ 8. Lyrics of JORNADA DEL MUERTO by Linkin Park: Mochiagete, (Lift me up), Tokihanashite, (Let me go), Mochiagete, (Lift me up). The name Jornada del Muerto is translated loosely from Spanish, historically referring to it as . Jornada del Muerto is the title of a song that appears on Linkin Park's album A Thousand Suns, which is a concept album dealing with nuclear warfare. Jornada del Muerto is the title of a song that appears on Nadja's album. Lyrics to 'Jornada Del Muerto' by Linkin Park. 持ち上げて (Mochiagete) / 解き放し て (Tokihanashite) / 持ち上げて (Mochiagete) / 解き放して.


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