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9Dragons - Kane, don't forget the herb, time: 0:37


Nov 18,  · North Sea Icy Palace bosses give [Sealed] Conqueror of North Sea epithet after all 4 of them have been killed. Epithet stats: Defence increased by 10%, Movement speed increased by 5%, Chi Kung attack rating increased by 6%, Attack rating increased by 6%, Critical rate increased by / It seems that with the cleaning forum my guide is no more there so i put it back. I will now detail all the boss from 9Dragons: So first you need some knowledge about the mobs in 9Dragons. Apr 28,  · 9Dragons have bosses in all map (except in Hefei and Bloody Plain)Careful = If you try to bit a boss that have less than 24 lvl than you, you will be penalized:Author: Kidrock dc. Black Dragon Clas Disciples of Iron Fist Heavenly Demon Sacred Flower Shaolin The Brotherhood of Thieves The League of Beggars In this Guide you can check the information on every Boss that you can kill outside a Dungeon. Contents. Shi Zhang/Zhengzhou Edit. A map for Shi Zhang's Bosses. A map for Zhengzhou's Bosses. Edit 1.CC is home to both General Wei and True General Wei, two extremely sought after bosses. Also present are Conqueror's Chests, locked chests found. Heavenly Claw, The White Lord. Steel Blade, The Dark Lord. Possible Drops => Conqueror’s Trinket (hp trinket), Jade of Asura, Blood Bead of Earth, Gold etc. Nine Dragons Awaken > Game Guides and Tips > The Cave of the Conqueror (CC) entrance: In the middle of Bloody Plain: Those statue got a level, as mobs and boss if you destroy the statue when it's coloured you will .. Drops: Bloods Essences (1 to 9), Wristband damage (Fem / Male / With or. Often abbreviated to CC or CoC followed by the number of the level (i.e. On 5th floor is True General Wei (boss) that gives the killer epithet. So first you need some knowledge about the mobs in 9Dragons: . level, Book For C11 C12 skills, Golden Thread/Flowstone Mid lvl. CC boss. Discussion on What Dungeon runs are good to farm? within the 9Dragons forum part of the MMORPGs category. If you are playing on GC US server, don't forget about CC dungeon The level threshold to finish bosses makes most of the dungeon 09/23/ - Grand Chase Philippines - 9 Replies. Try to kill CC Bosses while you are grinding inside, maybe you will earn . 2nd Way -> Dropp it from Kylin Dragon itself in lvl 3 Pass [You can do that if you . #9. Money / Gold Making Hello again Players. In this Section I will. Demon: Stats: MR.9 x CC, (MR: ), Spite: 5/Tail Swipe: With 5 Spite Points the Dragon: Dragons, the ultimate opponent to any dungeon crawler. Beasts of vast power and intellect, these creatures should be the final boss of any solo that .


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