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Minecraft Showcase: Soul Eater Mod, time: 7:29


Jun 21,  · A Soul Eater Mod For Minecraft Adds mobs and items from the anime Soul Eater. Credit To whoever made the Demon Asura and Witch skins. Please report any bugs If you have any ideas on what else i should add on to the mod leave a comment. Special Thanks To Thejayjay for helping me with the Reviews: Aug 02,  · Minecraft Mods; WIP Mods [] SOUL EATER MOD - WIP. Search Search all Forums OMG I FINNALY FOUND A SOUL EATER MOD I SHARED THIS WITH MY FRIEND AND IM PRITTY SHURE HEEL LOVE IT and now time for complaints and suggustions Complaints: I only had textures on the spawn eggs. Suggustions: More mobs (Soul, Blair, Maka, Black * Star, Tsubaki. Jun 12,  · The easiest way to download Mods, Texture Packs, Maps, Tools, Skins, Projects, Seeds for Minecraft | Minecraft Resource PacksAuthor: Mạc Quốc Hưng. Map created by Magired and silax03 a.k.a pamalou This is Shibusen, a school inspired by the manga and anime Soul Eater. The map is now finished! (Around hours of hard work) It has an interior completely recreated (I would say inspired) from the anime with classrooms, a library, a cafeteria, a prison and others places. The map has also a secret, try to find it. View, comment, download and edit soul eater Minecraft skins. Dec 16,  · Minecraft Forum - Source Code - Issue Tracker. Souls is a hardcore post-death inventory storage mod. After you die, an angry Soul that holds your inventory will spawn. Good luck! Mar 14,  · Steam Workshop: Garry's Mod. A pack containing player models from the anime Soul Eater. Currently in pack: Soul Evans Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Black Star Doctor Franken Stein Death The Kid Liz Thompson Patty Thompson Medusa.THE SOUL EATER ANIME MOD MADE BY FANS FOR THE FANS DOWNLOADS RECOMENDED RECIPE BOOK MOD. Download and install Minecraft Forge; Download Soul Eater Mod; Put Soul Eater Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. REQUIREMENTS - FORGE - EXTENDED CRAFTING BENCH MOD RECOMENDED - RECIPE BOOK - capitalaktiv.deaft s-mods-updated/. Soul Eater Mod. This is a Minecraft mod that introduces features of the anime Soul Eater into Minecraft. When finished, the player will have an experience similar. link for 10% off your first month). mod image mod icon The Soul Eater Anime Mod. Raw data Go to crashes 1. Minecraft What does soul eater trait from nihilite do? own Discord for all modded minecraft discussion; Minecraft Mod Development - MMD is a place to. Soul Eater 2 Version created by SuPEr_Toaster_Official on Minecraft Version Overview Updates 2 Changelog Discuss 0.


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